Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What happens when a city girl marries a country boy...

Cowgirl killed a rabbit and decapitated it the other night. Which is way beyond my animal tolerance level. There was blood and little rabbit organs in the backyard. Naturally Cody wanted a piece of that action. After wrangling the two killing machines I did what any city raised woman would do, I yelled for DH. He comes running out in a panic and looks at me in disbelief when I frantically tell him he needs to get rid of the dead eviscerated rabbit. After realizing that I was serious he went to the garage, got a shovel and a bag and comes back ready to oblige me in my request. 
Right before he picks it up he looks at me and goes, "you know at home, this would be considered a quality dinner."

I just gave him a blank stare. 

Yup. Totally married a country bumpkin. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm back from the black hole that is my life

My goal of being a multiple times a week blogger officially went bust. Life was such a black hole this last week that it just didn't happen. Working OT at work and working double time at the second job, plus mulitple vet visits and mischief courtesy of my rugrats = blogging hiatus. Oh well, I'm back at that's all that matters....right? 

The kids are still doing good. We had a double cancer scare this week which has sped up my aging process. At this rate I'll be dead at 30. Seriously. First Cody developed a fist sized lump on his chest (scary) and he went in to get that looked at. We decided to stick a needle in it (ouch) although he was a really good boy. Negative. Turns out that he was injured when he was in that dog fight last month and it's scar tissue. Dodged a bullet there. 

Then Cowgirl starts developing seizures and we figured epilepsy.  Vet says the dreaded words "brain cancer." DH and I start talking about whether or not we want to be her hospice parents or if we should put her in the rescue hospice program. Agony, worry abounds. Turns out she they're muscle tremors brought on by a childhood bought with distemper. So basically she just has the shakes like Muhammed Ali. That I can live with. 

So now we're back to finding a home and moving forward. Crossing our paws for no more drama.