Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple math

1 border collie/lab 


6 GIANT frosted cinnamon rolls

2 moved endtables, 1 rearranged couch, and insanity

Will try to post pictures of the carnage later....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Broke the lucky streak

We've gone three months without a veterinary emergency. Broke that record this week. Dang. We were shooting for 6 months this time, fell short by half. 

DH got home and made the call. You know the one. 

"Honey? I think Cody ate something."

Crap. "Like what?"


Double crap. Probably the fridge this time. "Oh just tell me."

"8 english muffins plus the packaging. Plastic, cardboard and all."

I'm ashamed to write what went on in my head after that statement. 

"That's not too bad. I'll call the vet anyway."

That's right. In my house, 8 english muffins plus the packaging qualifies as not bad. 

Kids should be a breeze.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Karina Karina

Our second foster dog. 

Is she not the most gorgeous creature you have ever seen?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The story of the atomic poo....

Great title huh? 

Story is even better. 

A car was following us the other night again. DH starts joking around and says get ready to fling the poo. He jokingly pulls his arm backwards rather slowly and all of a sudden Cody's poo flies out of the bottom of the bag and hits the front grill of the car. 

What does DH do? 

He runs with Cowgirl down the nearest alley, leaving me and Cody to defend ourselves against the angry driver. 


Turns out Cody's poo (now lovingly referred to as Atomic Poo) ate through the plastic. 

How's that for a hidden talent? My dog is so smart.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Snow, Driveways, Puppies and other lovely things....

Highlights from my month in a deep dark hole.....

1. It snowed today. 2 inches. Which is nothing compared to the 36 inches that South Dakota got. Yeah that's right it's November 7th. Love MN. 

2. Cody discovered where we keep all of the high value items (i.e. chocolate, other bad for him things) and learned how to open the child safety lock and drawer and ate them. He survived. Little turd.

3. One of my rescue groups busted a puppy mill and we took in a 2nd foster dog for a grand total of 3 dogs. Nevermind that this little sweetheart had never seen doors, stairs or anything else of a similar nature. 

4. Above dog was pregnant. Oh boy.

5. Pregnant dog now a false alarm. Rollercoaster anyone?

6. Cowgirl/Sweets suddenly started peeing EVERYWHERE. Turns out she has a raging bladder infection. Cleared that up much to my carpet's relief. 

7. Came home from work one day to find my driveway missing. Yup you heard it. It was MISSING! Called the city. Turns out that there was a problem with the utilities and they had to fix it and by doing so took out my driveway. No big deal ma'am. Oh you're right sir, it's just my DRIVEWAY! 

8. Came home a week later and I had a new driveway. Nice in the end, but would a phone call have hurt? I don't think so.

Last but not least, Cowgirl is getting adopted this Saturday! Yipee! I'll do a photo montage later. Because I'm cool (or cheesy pick your adjective) that way. 

The good thing about falling into a black hole for a month? I now have a month of wicked stories to share with you. Stay tuned.