Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Broke the lucky streak

We've gone three months without a veterinary emergency. Broke that record this week. Dang. We were shooting for 6 months this time, fell short by half. 

DH got home and made the call. You know the one. 

"Honey? I think Cody ate something."

Crap. "Like what?"


Double crap. Probably the fridge this time. "Oh just tell me."

"8 english muffins plus the packaging. Plastic, cardboard and all."

I'm ashamed to write what went on in my head after that statement. 

"That's not too bad. I'll call the vet anyway."

That's right. In my house, 8 english muffins plus the packaging qualifies as not bad. 

Kids should be a breeze.

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Patience-please said...

Yumm! We're coming to your house!

wags from the whippets