Saturday, November 8, 2008

The story of the atomic poo....

Great title huh? 

Story is even better. 

A car was following us the other night again. DH starts joking around and says get ready to fling the poo. He jokingly pulls his arm backwards rather slowly and all of a sudden Cody's poo flies out of the bottom of the bag and hits the front grill of the car. 

What does DH do? 

He runs with Cowgirl down the nearest alley, leaving me and Cody to defend ourselves against the angry driver. 


Turns out Cody's poo (now lovingly referred to as Atomic Poo) ate through the plastic. 

How's that for a hidden talent? My dog is so smart.

1 comment:

LegalMist said...

heeheehee.... but wait a minute... remind me not to drive past you two while you're walking your dog, ok? .... (giggle)

(And just what, exactly, are you feeding that dog to give it "atomic poo"?)