Friday, September 12, 2008

"On the count of 3, fling the poo!"

Above quote courtesy of my husband. 

So we are out walking the dogs last night in the dark (because here in the MN it now gets dark at 7, boo) and this car turns the corner behind us. Not a big deal. Well then it slows waaaaay down and pulls to the side of the road and starts to creep right behind us. For a half a block. All of a sudden my big hulking teddy bear of a husband leans over to me and goes, "On the count of three, fling the poo!" (Both dogs had left us "gifts" earlier in the walk.) Needless to say I couldn't keep a straight face and burst out laughing. He was totally serious. The car ended up to be someone looking for on-street parking. I just kept imagining the guy's surprise if twin bags of poo fell on his windshield. 

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LegalMist said...

HeeHeeHee.... gasp ... Hahahahah.... snarrfff... can't stop laughing.. (giggle) .... heheheh....

I just discovered this post, thanks to Ms. Florida Transplant -- and had my LOL of the day. Thanks! :)