Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A 4 day weekend - in bullets

A weekend in bullets

  • I walked outside of my house on Saturday to find my beloved dog sitting in the bucket of a construction bobcat. What possessed him to crawl into the construction equipment in my front yard? Lord only knows.  
  • I had my entire front yard ripped to shreds by construction equipment. I now live in a giant mudhole.
  • I found my foster dog lying in the bottom of a dumpster. Why? Naturally she was hot and decided the best possible place to hang out was in the bottom of a steel dumpster. Naturally.
  • Cody and I and my mom got caught in a free-falling elevator on a hill with a 200 foot drop at a 60 degree angle. An outside elevator mind you. I don't think I have ever hugged my dog harder in my life. 
  • Went to the MN State Fair. Ate my way through. 
  • Tore the roof off my basement on accident. Whoops.
  • Put said roof back on my basement.
  • Went to the cabin and went swimming. In the process discovered that Cowgirl hates water. HATES water.
  • Changed Cowgirl's name to Sweets. Not real original, but you have to admit it is WAY better than Cowgirl. Besides, she can't hear it. 
  • Drove a Bobcat on a busy street in Minneapolis. Second only to free-falling elevator in terms of scary.
  • Hit my husband for breaking the mosaic planter in our front yard that was used in our wedding. Twice.
  • Slept for days.

On another note, thoughts on the whole Sarah Palin sort-of but not really scandal? Gotta admit it's got me conflicted. 


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

First of all, how did you tear the roof off of your basement? Secondly, I didn't know basements had "roofs...?"

LOVE the name Sweets. So cute.

Doggy Mama said...

Turns out our concrete front step was the roof to part of our basement and in taking off the stoop to make a new one we punched a GIANT hole in the basement. Awesome.