Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I like me some challenges....


First off I want to say belated Happy New Year and all that jazz. Hope the life and the furrys in your lives are treating you well, if not better. 

A new guy came to town right before the New Year and let me tell you, this guy puts the Great Jackdini to shame. I have a feeling this guy is going to stretch my dog resources to the max. But hey, if I wanted easy I'd have kids right? Kidding. (I'm gonna get slaughtered by bi-ped moms just for saying that.) 

Hawk is 2 years old (I think) yellow lab/Coonhound mix. He was abused as a puppy and then ran away or was dumped and ran wild with a pack of 5 stray dogs in the country for 6-8 months. He was live-trapped and set for euthanasia when he was rescued by his first foster mom in July. Poor guy knows NOTHING about humans. He was with first mom for about 4 months or so and still doesn't trust most humans. He was moved to us in hopes that transferring his bond to another human would at least start to expand his world a bit. 
He spent his first 4 days with us hiding in his kennel or behind the couch, which is a pretty tight fit for a 65 pound lab. He is slowly starting to come out of his shell and will now let us pet him and will sit with us on the couch, chair, or bed. But never on the floor. The floor is like hot lava to him, he can't handle being at a level below us. Doorways are a novelty, as are stairs and the fenced in yard. He can't handle the openness, it makes him so nervous he freezes into a dogsicle. You can just forget about putting him on a leash. Believe it or not this is actually leaps and bounds above where he was four months ago. 

So here we go again, embarking on a challenge. But I can't help it, it's a compulsion. Pics and funny holiday stories to follow.

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