Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where have I been?

Dealing with this 

Between T-giving and C-mas we found a pretty little girl who was shot and left for dead in northern MN (that's the tundra for those of you not from here.) The group I work with rallied around her and managed to raise $15,000 for her medical care. The major university in town used experimental surgery to remove portions of her stomach and she is expected to live a hearty fully life. Sweet huh? Because we were picked up on 4 local stations and CNN, it has been CrAzY here for the volunteers.

But since we saved a life, I'm imaging I'll be forgiven right?

Take a look at Miss Orphan Annie, how cute is she?

There is a local car dealership that is donating all of their space for a HUGE party for everyone to meet her, people  have been sewing her coats to keep her warm in the sub-zero temps since most of her fur was shaved off, donations have come from as far as TX and NY. It's been a crazy response, but makes me feel so good that for all the crappy people I meet in this line of work that there are some great ones out there. 


LegalMist said...

I read all the way through Annie's story. Wow, what a saga!

You did a great job caring for her and finding her a good home. I'm so impressed. :)

博客赚钱 said...

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