Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Remodeling/Cody's story

While Cody and I are sitting here listening the sounds of my husband tearing apart my master bedroom closet piece by piece, I thought I would enlighten you dear readers (I assume there's like 3 of you) about the love of my life. That would be the fuzzy face you see on top of this blog. 

I grew up with 
dogs and have always had a bit of touch with them. I was never very comfortable with people as a kid and thought dogs were way better. Who am I kidding? I still do. Fast forward several years and I've just graduated from college. I made it a grand total of 2 weeks before I broke down and said I need a dog. Of course the whole living on your own and being in an apartment was a bit of a deterrent. My BF at the time (now my DH) was headed out to work on the road for a year and thought it might be nice to leave me with some companionship. So one Saturday morning (June 11, 2005, but who's counting) we se
t off to get the "lay of the land and see what was out there", my DH's words, not mine. We hit a couple different shelters looking for a smaller dog. We finally went
 by the Golden Valley HS and asked to see their smaller dogs. The only one they had was not for me. I just started walking down the rows of cages for fun. I saw this big black and white face look up at me with chocolate brown eyes and was in love. Then I read the note on his cage. Euthanasia date: June 10th. I asked the nearest shelter worker why he was still  here and she said the vet called in sick on Friday and so Cody got a reprieve. That was all I needed. $220 later and I walked out of there with 50lbs of pure chaos and love. 
Now this would be the part where I say we lived happily ever after, but I would totally be lying through my orthodontically straightened teeth. Cody turned
 out to be a whole lot chaos that I was not prepared for. Case in point: 4 weeks after adopting him he  ate 3 feet of electrical wiring. Why? Your guess is a
s good as mine. I would list all we've been through, but I have a feeling that deserves its own post. 
Over the past three years, Cody and I have been through a lot. We've both helped each other to grow up. He's shown me a love that I have never known and helped me overcome a lot of things. I shower him with treats, affectation, and probably have a borderline obsession with his happiness. But you  know what? I don't care. People can say what they want. I know that he and I have saved each other and that in my opinion is all that matters.  

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