Saturday, April 26, 2008

PetSmart - A journey

Ok, I know this is my third post today (which puts me pretty squarely in the pathetic category), but I have to rant about my experience at PetSmart today. Codyman and I just got back from a quick turn to restock up on stuffies (the others met a rather tragic fate of disembowelment) and I have one thing to say. IF YOUR KIDS CANNOT CONTROL YOUR DOG, DO NOT LET THEM HANDLE HIM IN A BUSY PUBLIC SPOT. Oy. You would think that it would be common sense. But apparently not.
Cody and had a fairly successful trip to PetSmart and were in the check out line to spend his daddy's hard earned overtime pay, when 2 boys about 7 and 10 coming barreling out of the grooming shop being towed by a giant yellow lab with 2 choke chains on. TWO?! The dog heads straight for Cody's butt. Now Cody likes other dogs, he really does. He just doesn't like it when they are incredibly pushy and stick their noses straight up his butt while he's trying to chew a treat. I pulled Cody aside to avoid any sort of conflict. The boys then continue to let the dog bully mine in line while their mom is chatting up a clerk. Neither she or any of the three clerks say anything about the horrific doggy manners that are happening here. I finally asked the boys to take their dog elsewhere. Of course they looked at me like I was the mean, crabby, dog lady. Nasty side effect I suppose of trying to avoid a doggy conlict in PetSmart. After I was checked out and headed for the door, I saw the same yellow lab trying to mount someone's poor basset hound. Oh yeah, the mom was still chatting....

On a positive note, Cody did let a 10 year old girl pet him without nipping her! That is a BIG deal. More explanation about Codyman's hate for children later. It's a long post.

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