Saturday, August 9, 2008

ABC's of the Doggy Mama

Just a Girl...and her dogs tagged me for this meme. So in good blogging collaborative spirit here it is.

Attached or Single - Married, 2 years

Best Friend - T. We've been out of touch for awhile but I still love her like a sister. We bonded over kicking butt as security officers at Valleyfair. After we busted a shoplifting ring of 10 year olds, we were friends for life. 

Cake or Pie - PIE!! I love any and all fruit pies. Blueberry is my all time favorite. I will be putty in anyone's hand for a slice of blueberry pie.

Day of Choice - Saturday. It's the only weekend day where you actually have more to look forward to.

Essential item - my dogs. or really any dog for that matter. A day is never complete with some fuzzy lovin'

Favorite color - red. I even dyed my hair that color. :)

Gummy bears or worms - worms, it's just a little too creepy to eat cuddly little bears

Hometown - Suburb of Minneapolis, MN

Indulgence - Big greasy cheeseburger with extra mayo and seasoned waffle fries. 

January or July - July. It's my birthday month. :)

Kids - 1 fuzzy kid with a revolving door of others. No bi-ped kids yet.

Life isn't complete - without cheeseburgers and mayo. Oh now I'm hungry. Is it really terrible to have cheeseburgers for breakfast?

Marriage date - 8-18-06

Number of brothers/sisters - 2 brothers. 1 old and 1 young

Oranges or apples - apples. Because you can put them in a pie, cake, sauce, tarts, caramel, etc...

Phobias - I'm scared of the dark. Yes I'm 25 and I sleep with a night-light. And I'm totally not ashamed of that. 

Quote - "Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?? I'm halfway through my fish burger when I realize, I could be eating a slow learner." - Lynda Montgomery

Reasons to Smile - Finally learning that people are reading my blog. I'm not a blogging loner! 

Season of Choice - Fall, I love the fall clothes. I hate summer clothes and it's too cold and too long to like winter in this state. 

Unknown Fact - I'm terrible at any and all puzzles. Word games, crossword, jigsaw, anything. I'm awful.

Vegetable - Cucumbers

Worst habits - getting lost in a book and getting nothing done. 

Xray or Ultrasound - Ultrasound, you get to see cooler pictures.

Your favorite food - cheeseburgers and pie. 

Zodiac - Cancer (depressing isn't it?)

Now I'm off to prep for my brother-in-law's wedding. 

I tag

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Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Great list! I want to hear most about the shopping ring of 10 y/o's that you busted. No offense, but you don't seem like you'd be too intimidating as a security officer... :-)