Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My neighbor is roofing her house and Cody is in the bathtub

That is the summary of my day yesterday. 

My neighbor is roofing her house and apparently to Cody that means that the world is ending. The pneumatic nail gun going off reminds him of thunder. I came home and I couldn't figure out why he was winding himself into my jeans and cowering in the bathtub and behind the toilet. Sure enough I listened and there it was the unmistakable sound of nail gun/fire. We spent the rest of the entire night with all 4 radios and the TV blaring in an attempt to ward off the shakes and pull Cody out of the bathroom. 

My dog is so strange. 

Of course this is only coupled with the fact that whenever we go outside Cody barks up a storm because our neighbor's house is in a hole and we are on a hill, the roofers are on eye level with us. This means that Cody feels that it is absolutely necessary to scare the poop right out of the Mexican roofers. This of course results in screams followed closely by a blue streak of Spanish cuss words. Embarrassing at the time, but in retrospect very funny. 

Tonight I was excited to see that the roofers were done and we would be treated to a lovely night of comfortable dog and peace and quiet. 

I can dream can't I?

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TexasLauren77 said...

My family had a golden retriever who was terrified of thunder. She insisted on crawling under my bed to hide when we had storms. The bed was a bit higher than a standard bed frame, lucky for her, but had a long dust ruffle so no one could see her. There were times at 2 in the morning when a storm would kick up, and my mom would have to walk her down the hall from her bedroom to mine so she could just crawl under my bed and feel safe! Silly girl (the dog, not mom!).