Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dump and Run

Ok, so I'm sure everyone is guilty of it at one point or another....
You decide to take your dog for a walk and he just pooped so you don't bring a bag. Or you are on a car ride and decide to take an impromptu frolic in a park. 
Then it happens. Your dog starts to do the weird squat face. (Or in Cody's case, the squat walk) Here it comes. Crap (literally and figuratively.) Now what are you supposed to do? You have no bag and your dog just crapped all over the park/sidewalk/grass/someone's yard. 
My modus operadi? I look around nonchalantly to make sure there aren't too many witnesses and then casually walk away hoping to not draw any attention to myself. In other words I do what the DH has termed "The Dump and Run." I always feel so guilty about it too, like I am the one contributing to the bad rap that dogs get in the city. But what alternative do I have? I may love my dog but I draw the line at using my hands. Gross. 

Last weekend my foster Jack and I were on a walk with my friend S when Jack (who just pooped like 10 minutes before at my house) decided now was the time. Of course no bag and we're walking around the BUSIEST lake in the MN. Great. So we nonchalantly looked around and casually walked away. Only to notice that the spot he had chosen to pop a squat was right in front of the sign that said, "Be responsible. Leash and pick up after your pet." Oh the irony. 

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