Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday little man!

My Codyman turned 4 yesterday! We had a little birthday party yesterday with him and his 2 "cousins". It was hilarious. DH thought I was crazy, but eh who cares about him anyway? Cody's daycare (that's right, my dog totally goes to daycare) threw him a little party with cake and everything. Like the good overachieving suburban mom that I am I brought doggy treats for everyone. Laugh all you want, but we'll see who's the more popular mom at the end of the day!! 

Moooooommmmm!! This hat is stupid....

It's my BIRTHDAY!!

Cody's cousin Sugar trying to get her hat off her head

Overall the birthday was pretty fun. Technically the 11th isn't his birthday (we think) he was a rescue so birth date unknown. But June 11th is the day we got him, so we celebrate Gotcha Day at our house. 

We have a new foster dog, pics to follow....

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