Monday, June 9, 2008

My Dutchie found a home!

My beautiful Dutchie found her furever home! This is always a happy yet bittersweet time when this happens. 

a. It's happy because she's found a home where she will be loved forever and will never have to know what it is like to be at the end of chain eating off of the ground again.

b. I'm sad because I was beginning to really fall in love with my giant princess. 

One of, if not the only, pitfalls to fostering I suppose. Other than that it is something I don't think I will ever give up. (Although ask me in a couple years when I have a two-legged kid running around...) Seeing the pure, unbridled joy of Dutchess running around with her new fur-brother in her fabulous backyard and giant house (I wanted them to adopt me too) brought tears to my eyes. When we went back to the big green Element, we could hear her whining for us. Needless to say DH had to take a few seconds to console me as I drove home with tears in my eyes. 

But for all the heartache that fostering gives me, nothing can compare to the feeling of helping a scared furry munch-kin to find their new road in life and never have to worry about pain or loneliness again. That is the greatest gift that I can ever ask for. 

Now for the next one....

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