Monday, June 30, 2008

I have a snotty dog....

It's true. My dog is a snot. More specifically he is a toy snot. Of epic proportions. I have never met a dog with more toys in my life. That's what happens when you have 3 sets of grandparents who all have their own separate christmases. Multiple that by six aunts and uncles and the toys abound. (Not to mention that his sweet innocent mother may or may not have an obsession with pet stores...) He's got everything money can buy dog-wise and what does he do? He turns his nose up at everything but the really soft and squishy ones that sound like they are being tortured as the squeaker runs out of air. I cannot even tell you how many trainers/vets/behaviorists have told me to get big tough plastic chewy toys to cut down on his destructive behaviors. They look at me like I'm the idiot because I've been suffering through these vet bills and chaotic life needlessly. Then I mutter the words, "he doesn't like tough toys." They look shocked, stunned even. What dog doesn't like Kongs? Mine. Mine doesn't. Believe me folks, if he liked Kongs or any other chew toy that would cut down on the chaos that is my life, I would have them. All of them. I would probably even get a separate toy box in homage to them. But alas, it's not to be. Why? 
Because my dog is a snot.

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Melisabeth said...

Reading your blog is soooo much better than working. We're getting our first puppy soon so I thought I'd read up a little on your adventures to see if I could talk myself out of my gigantic need for furry companionship (other than with my hamster).
Anywho I had to comment on this post because I JUST (like 10 minutes ago) was reading about chew training on a different site and they had recommendations for making your dog a kong-aholic. Of course, this was for puppy training but still, it could work. You stuff the Kong with Kibble. and you keep it in with two crossed dog bones so he has to work to get it out. Eventually he will associate Kibble with Kongs even when you give him empty ones.
Am I a total nerd for researching this much a month before we're even ready to go to the HS to pick out our new fuzzy friend? Yes. But I don't care.
I hope everything is well, I miss you and everyone else in Minnesota.
~Missy Wright~