Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weather.com and I arelikethis

Lately I've been feeling like I should get a job at weather.com. Why? It's storm season here in the MN and that means that weather.com is now my homepage at work. We have had thunderstorms the last 5 days here. This means that the H house has all been getting MUCH less sleep than is normal. My life revolves around storm forecasts. All social plans are made with the caveat that if a storm crops up I have to cancel. Which basically makes me as popular as the guy who picks up roadkill. When thunderstorms hit Cody turns into a giant shaking slobbering mess who crawls around on the floor following your feet. The weird thing is that he used to not care a lick, then last year we were on vacation and he was by himself when a HUGE thunderstorm with tornadoes hit the area. Ever since then me and weather.com have been best friends. I am now one of those people that obsessively checks the weather and when it's overcast I stare out the window outside my office praying for it to hold off until I get home. Last weekend a storm with golf ball sized hail hit our house when I was at my other job and I got home three hours after it ended to a bathtub crammed full of dog. All of Sunday I was never without a dog at my side. Ever. We're finally putting that memory behind us three days later. Thank God. So until MN stops getting storms (yeah right) weather.com and I will just have to continue our illicit love affair. 

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