Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Big Shepherd

That describes Dutchess in a nutshell. 94 pounds of pure German Shepherd/Golden Retriever love. She is all love. If I had a bigger house with a bigger yard she would totally be mine for keeps. Alas it's not to be. Cody has finally decided to give her the time of day. He's such a snot sometimes. I blame his Daddy. Dutchie spent her entire five years on a chain outside so she's learning all kinds of new things. It's really interesting to work with a dog who really has never seen even the most basic of things before. Dog beds were by far the best invention ever in her opinion. Fences were new, raised water dishes, human beds, doorways. She still hasn't quite caught on that doors only open one way. She still waits on the hinge end for the back door to open. Gets hit every time. We spent an hour and 2 slices of cheese trying to teach her about stairs. She made it down 4 of them! That was quite an achievement. Cody just looked at her like, "what is your deal? This is the easiest way to score cheese ever!" We're having a lot of fun with her and learning a lot. It's kind of cool to be able to open a dog's eyes like that and teach her that everything is ok. Although nerve-wracking in a way I suppose. She had her first bath yesterday (boy did she need it), the groomer said she did great! She smells a ton better too, although they sprayed her with a lemonade scented perfume which was a tad funky. Really, lemonade? Who's idea was that? All in all Dutchie is doing great. Now we just need to find her a furever home. Any takers?? :)

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