Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to the most tolerant Man I know.

This is my other half. Otherwise known as the most patient man I  know. For not being a dog person (hah! I changed that pretty quickly) he puts up my with my constant dog chatter, my neuroses about our dogs, the endless parade of dogs that come in and out of the house, and the crazy things I do for our dogs. Through it all, even though secretly he thinks I'm crazy, he is super supportive and let's me do what I want. He even supported our short-lived streak of home-cooking our dog food! 

All dog references aside, this man is my lifeline. Without him I would be half the person I am now. He is my rock and my sense of humor. So to avoid being a total sap, without further adieu...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! You are now officially in your late 20's. (I love giving him crap for being older!)

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Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Wow - you are so fortanate to have a man that puts up with your crazy dog love! Does he have a brother?! :-)