Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Jack is still with us

Big Jack, or as we now call him Houdini, is still here. He has now managed to climb our 5 foot chain link fence 6 times, shimmied 8 feet up our utility pole and over our fence, jumped out the car window, and last but not least he broke through a 9 foot wooden privacy fence at his potential adopter's house. Needless to say they no longer wanted him. Oy ve. So 5 weeks and 9 potential families later he's still here. Which if we're being honest I'm ok with, I love him I really do. I am getting a bit tired of his escape tactics however. I'm getting a bit at my wits end as to what exactly I should do with him. So for now we just sit and wait and hope for the right family. DH set a deadline for Christmas. If he's still here by Christmas (Oh god help us if he is) he'll stay here forever. Which just tears me in two directions. I love fostering but if we keep Jack that can no longer happen and that just shoots an arrow in my heart. Then of course I feel guilty because I don't want to kick Jack out just for my own purposes. Arg, the emotions of fostering. Sometimes it sucks. 

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