Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rejection is hard

We have had 5 applications for Jack.

Every one of them has rejected him. 

Without even meeting him none the less! They hear the words he needs supervision when outside and they immediately say thanks but no thanks. I think he's about to develop a complex. (Who am I kidding? He's so laid back, like he cares.) It's hard on his foster mom, that's for sure. Because I have time to get to know these babies so well and know their personalities, it's hard when they reject him without even getting a chance to meet him. I know if they did he would win them over immediately. I'm just trying to be honest and set real expectations when I tell them about his escapist tendencies. That's what I'm supposed to do as the FM right? What exactly is the balance between honesty and selective information sharing? Each rejection gets harder and harder. Especially when you look into those big liquid brown eyes that just want love and acceptance. That's all he asks, why can't someone overlook his one fault and give him a chance? I'll tell you one thing. Fostering is not easy on the heart. I'll get more pics of the boys tonight, hopefully.

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