Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The sweet taste of success!

Last night I took the boys swimming and in a fit of trust (where it came from I don't know) I let Jack run into the lake off leash. To my surprise he stayed right where he was supposed to!!! I did a happy dance right there on the shores of the lake, to the enjoyment of the joggers and bikers I'm sure. This was Jack's first successful endeavor off leash. He didn't run away! I about fainted with joy. This is the dog that climbed 8 feet up a utility pole in the backyard in an attempt to get out of the fence. Oh course it helped that he knew I was hiding pepperoni in my pocket, but hey that is a step up from before. He used to know I had hot dogs in my pocket and didn't give a rat's behind, freedom was way cooler in his humble opinion. 

We start obedience tomorrow and paws crossed that we'll rock their socks off. 

This is a small victory I am logging. Hopefully this will bring us one step closer to finding him a new forever family. Because let's be honest here, if he doesn't get adopted soon I may just end up being a foster failure. 

I have a ton of pics of the two of them that I'll load up here soon I promise. 

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Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I still get that joy when my dogs don't take off when we're at the beach. This is def a great step for him getting closer to being "adoptable" to less tolerant people than yourself!

I can't wait to see the pics!