Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cody's Brush with Fame

I mentioned yesterday that Cody had a photo shoot last weekend. It's true, my dog is now officially famous. Kidding. But hey, can't a Doggy Mama be proud of her kid? I was cruising Craigs List for potential rescue dogs like I always do when I spotted an ad looking for black rescue dogs to be spokespeople (spokesdogs?) for a new up and coming awareness site called startseeingblackdogs.org So of course I had to submit pics of the Codymonster, I mean how can a proud Doggy Mama pass that up? It's like waving doughnuts in front of a cop. I heard back from Heather and lo and behold we were picked! Whoop! 

Fast forward. I'll admit it, Saturday came and I was a wreck. Knowing Cody's propensity for misbehaving in crowds, I was terrified that Heather was going to look at me like really? You thought HE was well-trained? Thank God everything went fine. Cody fell in love with Heather's dog Sugar and even attracted a crowd with his stunning aquatic acrobatics. People always love watching his water backflips. I'll try to get a video of it this summer for you bloggy friends out there. 

The cool thing was I went to the shoot on Saturday terrified and walked away with a nice solid connection in Heather. It turns out that we have the same passions and the same business background. She decided to take her marketing and sales expertise and put it to use helping shelters find new and innovative ways to market black dogs to the potential adopters and therefore reduce the number of black dogs that fall victim to euthanasia. Way cool. Naturally I offered to help whatever way I could. (Again with waving the doughnut in front the cop analogy.) Go check it out, it should be live in late June. 

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