Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Morning - yeah right...

Alarm goes off at 5:30am. 
Me: Hrumpf! *hits the snooze button*

Cody: WHOOPEE!! It's time to get up! I know I know let's sit on mommy's head and see if she likes it. *proceeds to sit his butt on daddy's head and put
 his feet in mommy's eye sockets* 

DH: What the h***??

Me: Argggg. Get off a me! *tries to seal self off under the covers*

Cody: Oooo Oooo they're playing with me. Let's dig mommy out of the covers!! That's fun!! WHOOPEE!!! *starts digging the mommy out from under the covers, simultaneously scratching every spot on her face and pulling out her hair*

Me: *the pleading begins* Cody please let mommy sleep for another 10 minutes. Please!! Mommy is tiiiiired. 

Cody: She's talking that means it's time to get up! I know! I'll get so excited I'll make myself sneeze all over her face!! She likes that!! *SNEEZE*

Me: gross bud. I get I get. I'm up. 

Good morning to me. 


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