Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Visits - Will the good kid show up or the bad kid?

Oh man is it tense over at our house today. We just got notified that our official home visit to be a certified doggy foster home is tomorrow morning. Of course we just happened to be in the middle of a home remodeling project, but hey who am I to complain? Here's the part that makes this mama nervous. They are bringing a 100 lb golden retriever to the house as part of the visit. Cody is not always the most well-behaved when it comes to giant strange dogs invading his territory, in fact a lot of the time he goes into full on sulk mode. What if he tries to growl off the invader, what if he jumps on the tester, what if she looks at us at like "who let you adopt a dog?" Oh man, I really don't want to have the bad kid on the proverbial playground. I suppose one could say this is the downside to being a fully involved Doggy Mama, I feel  like I get judged based on the behavior of my Codyman. Oh god what if people think I'm a bad mom because he jumps?? Am I being illogical? Probably. I just can't help it. Oh the neuroses of being a Doggy Mama.... I'll post an update tomorrow. If my head hasn't exploded from the remodeling stress and the stress of trying keep an over-exuberant fuzzbutt from attacking the tester.

My bad-kid.....

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