Friday, May 9, 2008

Foreclosure crisis - Silent Victims

I know there have been some news stories about this, but it really didn't hit home until yesterday. One of the groups I work with has been so slammed with incoming dogs, that yesterday we received an email saying that we are going to have to stop taking dogs for the time being. At least 75% of the last 100 dogs we've taken in since January have been surrendered because of home foreclosures or people about to lose their homes. 
So I started to do a little research about it and HOLY CRAP this is a HUGE problem. ABC News did a piece on it and man oh man.  Not only are shelters getting crammed with dogs and cats,  but adoptions are really slow because of the current economic situation. So now the dogs that we are taking in have nowhere to go. This can only mean one thing....euthanasia rates will go up. That is NOT O.K.!!

This is a problem that no one really thinks about but that is well on its way to overwhelming and crushing the rescue community. So if you can, help us out!! 

P.S. Cody treed his first squirrel today!

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