Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home Visit - The good, the bad, and the ugly

So the home visit went ok. The lady who came out to see us was pretty nice, although she brought the BIGGEST golden retriever that I have ever seen in my life. Cody took one look at him and then looked at me like, "Mom, why are you bringing a horse to visit me?" He was fairly well behaved, only growled and nipped at Robby (the GR) once. The lady got really nervous but all was well. Personally I think the funniest part was when she asked us what we would do if we came home and our foster dog was standing on the kitchen table. DH and I looked at each other and then looked at her and said, "It happens all the time here...." She looked so shocked. For pete's sake we find him on top of the refrigerator. That's right, ON THE REFRIGERATOR! Now if that doesn't qualify us for doggy foster care, I don't know what does. Once you've walked in the door to your dog's face peering down at you from the top of the fridge, I am pretty sure that you can handle anything.

The strange part was when she decided to walk around our house and point out every little hazard to dogs. Like I don't know that dogs aren't supposed to eat lotion. Please. She even went into my bathroom....that was a tad weird. But other than that it went well. Now that we've cleared that hurdle, it's on to practicing for Cody's upcoming photo shoot. That's right, I'm going to be a stage mom. More on that later...

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